Climber, Author of iPositive and friend Freddie Patricio dies, but he left a message

One of O’ahu’s most highly regarded climbers died last week. Freddie Patricio fell while rapelling a waterfall, something he did all the time, on May 17, 2018. As a friend and fellow avid hiker, his death rocked me.

In honor of Freddie, the Hawaiian Spiderman, Author of iPositive: Being Positive & Staying Positive, I’m reflecting upon the events that started a couple of months ago, my falling ill for so long, my foolish attempt to try to get back to normal too soon, collapsing, being hospitalized in critical care (which made me very, very depressed), my bargaining with God, promising to take better care of myself, if He would just get me strong enough to get me out of bed and back to normal, and my current recovery.

I’m reflecting upon the parallels of the way Freddie hiked, he was a very fast hiker, and me, a slower hiker (well I didnt know how anemic and iron-deficient I’d been). We were both avid givers- he would rappel off the sides of hospitals dressed as Spiderman, all to lift the spirits of sick children. I work in a helping field and volunteer to “help” at events, etc. Freddie was recruiting me into Oahu Search and Rescue, of which starting was delayed by my falling ill. I never got to have that time to learn from Freddie what had been planned. Freddie was to be my guide and mentor. But you never know when the Lord is going to call you home, and God called Freddie home…

Today, Im recovering slowly but surely, gained the weight back and this morning weighed in at 114# again, drinking protein shakes, taking iron twice a day and feeling more super because of the iron replacement. I feel more super than I’ve felt in 15 years. But I’m forced to stay home to recover slowly, if I want to be my best at 100% when I return to my normal routine and continue being an avid giver again. Three months ago it would’ve killed me to stay at home in bed for this long. Today, I see the true value of allowing your body to rest, replenish itself and be exposed to far less stress and toxicity. Especially for those who work in the giving, service fields, aka the Emergency fields. You must be your best self before you can give your best.

Freddie lived as his best self. Every day. With great passion and enthusiasm. His life is a message to all who knew him. Aloha Freddie, I know you’re still super active up there in Heaven. I will honor you by remembering how fully you lived life.


4 thoughts on “Climber, Author of iPositive and friend Freddie Patricio dies, but he left a message

  1. You are blessed to have known and loved Freddie and in many multiple ways, my dear friend! You too are a blessing in so many peoples lives.

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    1. Yes, I’m so blessed to be able to say that that Freddie’s frienship influenced me to be a better person, and blessed me not just in his life, but also in his passing. God is good❤️


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